Astrology & Tarot Today

from Mother Tarot by Wren McMurdo Brignac

Moon Phase

New Moon


Moon is conjunct with Venus, Pluto, and Mercury


Moon transitions from Capricorn into Aquarius

Tarot Card of the Day

Page of Cups


The New Moon in Capricorn (January 2, 2022 at 10:33am PST) will remain in effect until Tuesday. It is timely at the start of this new year, as the New Moon represents beginnings and possibility, where planting seeds for the future hold extra generative energy. The energy surrounding this New Moon reminds us to tend to our emotions while integrating the structures that we’ve built and heavily rely upon— financially, in our relationships, and in our daily routines. Don’t ignore your emotions or try to find ways out of dealing with them. You have the willpower now to manifest and create what you desire. Just remember to release the grip of control and surrender to your needs by letting others nurture you as you nurture them in your genuine deeds of commitment and loyalty to them. Your success is dependent upon your wellbeing, so set goals now towards healthy habits that will carry you throughout this new year.


The Page of Cups shows the dualistic nature of the feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves that is required for integration of these opposing aspects within. From this integrated and safe place, we can then feel the sensation of emotions passing through us and stay grounded along the way. We can rely on our dualistic nature as a strength to sharpen our intuition and empathic abilities as we hold space for others in our lives who need help managing their own emotions.



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