Astrology & Tarot Today


We’re still in manifestation mode, so any effort to bring new light into your life is particularly potent now. As the Moon moves into Aries, we can play with the Fool Archetype in our endeavors, which is also in perfect alignment with today’s Tarot card, the Ace of Wands. We can begin again, so to speak, as a child full of curiosity and wonder. Go after your goals and aspirations today with a sense of adventure. Just make sure that you’re laying thoughtful plans before you embark on a new endeavor. You will have a creative spark that can sustain you through to the end of your goal if you plan well ahead.

Tarot Card of the Day: Ace of Wands

With all of this conversation around the beginner’s luck and zest for life on the fool’s journey, we couldn’t have pulled a better card to represent the astrological aspects of the day. The blooming flowers and connection with the earth found in this card encourages you to use your creative spark today in endeavors that better the collective consciousness. How can you share your gifts grown from your excitement for the natural world and the magic contained within it? Perhaps you can light a fire in someone else today that helps them see the light and magic within themselves just as you have found it in yourself.



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