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Origin Matters
3 min readJan 11, 2022

Completion and Release

from MotherPeace Tarot by Karen Vogel & Vicki Noble

After the intensity of fiery Aries over the weekend, combined with the resurfacing of old wounds with Mercury sextile Chiron on Sunday, it finally feels like grounding Taurus energy can help us feel settled into the Earth once again for a much needed reprieve. But, the process of release is its’ own kind of work too.

The Moon square Mercury today (1:38am PST) reminds us to pay attention to the friction between our emotions and our communication with others. There may be some tense conversations today, so take it easy and remember to stay focused on the message you’re trying to convey and let your emotional reactions to the issue flow through you and into the earth.

If you’re feeling up for the challenge, the Moon conjunct Uranus (4:21am PST) may give you the boost in your communications and deeds today that can lead to transformative awakenings, new beginnings, and liberation. Uranus’s quirky, trailblazing energy can bring the drama with its’ status as the Great Awakener of the planets. Your future plans and innovative ideas have the increased power of fruition today and into this new year. Use your words wisely.

Moon square Saturn (8:53am PST) is a great opportunity to practice patience and maturity as you reflect upon the lessons of the challenge that you’re dealing with now. Take the perspective of the other party. What has your responsibility been, and where can you improve for the benefit of everyone? Where can you release control and let the situation flow naturally?

The ecstasy of surrender as we see in the 10 of Wands contains alot of power in that spark of creativity that we let wander and play and dance within us and between each other. Let karma and your decisions stand for themselves and enjoy the fruit of your labor. You can still remain focused while allowing yourself to release and provide space for the lessons to play out and carry us forward to the next chapter.

Mars square Neptune (1:43pm PST) is a big warning to avoid delusions or escapism when you’re feeling disappointed, wronged, or hurt, particularly in your intimate relationships. Take a break today and let the moment pass. Find a way to move your body in nature, and connect yourself with the grounding energy of Taurus and the earth element.

Play with the energy of Moon trine Venus (4:34pm PST) to nurture yourself. Take a warm bath or make yourself a cup of tea and surrender to the evening. You deserve to be loved the way you desire, and self love the best way to learn what this means to you so that you can express this to a partner when you’re ready.

Tarot Card of the Day

The Ten of Wands is a card of transformation. The work has been done and you are ready to lay down the burdens of that load you’ve been carrying to the top of the mountain using the fire of Aries and the determination of the Ram in Taurus to get you there. Surrender now and let go. Truest that the seeds you have planted are blooming and thriving now. Let go of the stories and the drama that surrounded your journey to get here. Try a form of ecstatic dance for something new, like 5 Rhythms or Biodanza this week.

Have a great day!