Astrology & Tarot Today

January 5, 2022

from Dark Days Tarot by Wren McMurdo Brignac

Moon Phase

Waxing Crescent in Aquarius


Venus sextile Neptune

Moon conjunct Jupiter


Moon transitioning into Pisces

Tarot Card of the Day

King of Pentacles


Venus sextile Neptune (8:03am PST) brings a fresh and dreamy energy to our day. As Venus represents our romantic inclinations, combined with Neptune’s aspirations and lofty illusions, we can use this energy to be playful in our romantic relationships and creative pursuits. Just be careful that Neptune’s influence doesn’t delude you into seeing something that isn’t really there. Escapism is a form of denial, so if you find yourself needing to numb your emotions, pay attention. Your body is trying to tell you something.

The Moon transitioning into Pisces (4:16pm PST) will soften your approach in your relationships. You can lean on your intuition and open heart to guide your actions and your words. Now is a great time to express our emotions and affection. Spend time by water today if you can.

The intense connection of Moon conjunct Jupiter (6:57pm) will provide you with an incredible amount of learning and growth today, particularly in the emotional realm. Today seems to be an excellent opportunity to spend some time cultivating our understanding of our inner realm of emotions. Jupiter’s energy will provide you with the extra knowledge that your intuition desperately wants you to hear.

Tarot Card of the Day

And after all of this watery, emotional energy from the Moon, Venus, and Pisces, we see the masculinity in the King of Pentacles. Our duality is what defines us. As you explore your emotional realm and how you operate in your relationships, try to find quiet moments to ground yourself in your body. Feel your feet touching the earth. Know that you are supported and stabilized by the wise authority within you. Take a moment to ponder how your authority defines your financial situation. Do you feel rooted? Do you acknowledge your emotions in the way you make money? You are the master of your domain through your feminine and masculine integration that you water and nurture to strengthen your roots every day.



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